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1/21/1996 1/26/1995 1/26/2002 1/29/1996 10/18/2003 11/1/2003 11/11/1991 11/14/2003 11/29/2003 12/15/1999 12/16/2003 1986 1987 1988 1989 1991 2/15/90 2/16/1996 2/26/2016 2/9/90 2005 4/14/95 4/16/2004 4/17/2004 4/22/95 4/3/2004 5/27/2002 6/25/1992 6/28/1986 8/13/1999 8/13/94 8/14/1995 8/17/1995 9/12/1991 9/27/2003 9/28/2013 9:30 Club A&M Advertisement Album back cover Baltimore Befriended Billboard Magazine bird Birds of My Neighborhood Black Sheep Wall bookmark Brad Pollack Brooklyn Burgettstown CA Calvin College CD Central PA Magazine Chad Henson Chameleon Club Champaign Chicago Tribune Chris Andrews Christ Is My Hope Clarkston Club Cafe Live CO Coach House compilation Courtyard Cafe cover Creation Festival Creation Records David Anderle DC Denison Witmer Dennis Herring Denver Don Don Peris EP Fine Line Music Hall First Unitarian Flyer For Quiet Corner front cover glider Glow Go When The Morning Shineth Grand Rapids Great American Music Hall Harvest Rock Syndicate Hello I Feel The Same Hits Magazine IL Intelligencer Journal Jammin' Java Jennifer V John Branigan John Hiatt Joni Mitchell Karen Peris Keeping Awake Keith Abbott Kneeling Elephant Records Lancaster Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival Lilith Fair Live Performance Photo Llist Magazine Magazine Cover Magazine photo Matt Pierce Max's on Broadway MD Media Meghan Hickey MI Mike Bitts Minneapolis MN Mount Union mug My Room In The Trees New York Now The Day Is Over NY One For Sorrow Two For Joy PA Pennsylvania Musician Peter Asher Philadelphia Pittsburgh Polygram Postcards Posters Preliminary Hearing promotional artwork Pulse! pyramid display San Francisco San Juan Capistrano Seattle set list signage single Small Planes Song From Holland Southpaw Star Lake Amphitheatre Steve Brown sticker Street Map Super Genius t-shirt Ten Silver Slide Trombones Tending The Rose Garden The Backstage The Fez The Garage The Innocence Mission The Old Century tickets Tin Angel Umbrella VA Vienna Violet WA Ware Center Ware Center stage Washington WBER We Walked In Song Wonder of Birds